English Poetry


Beauty is a word which can be Defined by lots of way, by lots of example Some people compare it with face Some compare it by way of manner Some relates it with soul of persons and Some compare it with in others way They all would be right in their place I don't say about anyone, Is right (or) everyone are wrong Since its a matter of fact of understanding power of persons Which falls into person to... »


Water is totally pure for us Water is totally sure for us We can’t survive without it Water is totally essential for us Most of the people waste it Most of the people through it They don’t know the value of it They don’t know the moral of it Water is totally base of human’s life Water is totally base of animal’s life How can we waste it or through it easily Water is very important for our life The... »


I caste my all heart’s wishes into the river Since someone used to be a very clever Some people told me at that time Why do you drink vodka or wine? I replied to all people in a manner of peacefully Don’t do love, if do then please carefully They told me love is responsible for your condition I replied to all no, someone is responsible for my condition I explained everything to them one by one How... »

Dead man rising

A child asks her father one Sunday morning, daddy when will you die? The father looks puzzled, but says very calmly, when I RISE. Given an inch of time we waste spending our lives wondering why a question is raised, do you hear them rise? A mother giving her children dead pills. Telling them this is how you live breathing, by dying, do they rise? 8 children go to school in Africa, but they carry 8... »


Daughters are similar to angel of heaven They sparkle their parents’ life as like star of sky They never demand anything from their parents They always be happy with their life and with parents They always beloved by their fathers mostly Daughters are angel of their home They make life their parents as like prideful They lighted the whole house with their sweet smile They make their parents’ house... »

Journey of life

Journey of life is very strange Its includes in it ups & down too Besides of giving lots of experience It shows almost everything to us Sometime we face sorrow in it and Sometime movement of happiness too We live our life in various phases and Every phase of life called journey of life In this life’s journey we live our life And we enjoy our life too After completing the journey of the same We... »

Love is a Sweet Poison

Love is a Sweet Poison It makes life useless It makes life maverick It makes life sometime over Love is a Sweet Poison Since in it, we have to live as dead It finishes our thinking & We finished ourself by it Love is a Sweet Poison It ends our life slowly-slowly It gives us lot of pain too And we begin to end ourself completely Love is a Sweet Poison It is always sweet as candy It has a chrect... »

It’s a very good scene of morning…….

It’s a very good scene of morning When we awake up from our bed We see sun rises from the east As well as hearing of sparrow’s chirping It’s a very good scene of morning We go for a morning walk We feel fresh air, fresh enviourment Besides of one fresh day ahead It’s a very good scene of morning When we once again start our day Take bless from god & parents It gives us lot of hopes & wants... »


                 Love I find myself, in love, waste I thought, love is, totally waste But someone told me, it is nice By which, every human become wise It includes sorrow, reliance & emotion That is why it is found in every relation It makes our life as like a heaven It is very innocent, not a clever Once again when I thought on it Then I found truthiness in it That was not my fault, I said De... »


Friendship is a beautiful Relation By which we can remove our all tension Friendship is a very good thing for our life We should not compare it with our Wife Friendship is the symbol of true Relation We should follow the rules of this Relation Friendship is not like to a War It means “Dosti” and we call Friends “Dost” or “Yar” Friendship includes sorrow & em... »

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