English Poetry

I have found…….

I have found deceiveness in my life I have found aloneness in my life I couldn’t find happiness movement I have found only sadness in my life…… -Dev Kumar »

Past life……

Whenever I think about my past life Lots of questions around in my mind I am not able to find Solution about it Perhaps my life is like a blizzard wind…… -Dev Kumar »

who’ll make my day……

who’ll make my day who’ll huge me Now you was there in my life it was similar to heaven for Me….! who’ll make smile on my face who’ll give me a hope you was there in my life it was similar to heaven for Me….! -Dev Kumar »

I will hurt you…..

I will hurt you, this sentence hurt me a lot……!! -Dev Kumar »

love is a Sweet poison……

Don’t go with love, it’s not easy for you….! Since it spoiled your life, coz love is a Sweet poison….!! -Dev Kumar »

Today I will take time…..

Once again I saw you in the arm of someone’s else and I caught you with Gossip too….! Today I will take time to think and today I will take my final decision too….!! -Dev Kumar »

sad feelings…..

“find your happiness time in a day…. & spend sad feelings of your life there”…. -Dev Kumar »

“true feelings never die”…….!

Anybody can kill the person and his wishes But he can’t kill his Real love…! Since, we can stop our heart from blinking, but the true feelings never die….! -Dev Kumar »

O’My life

O’My life

From dawn to dusk, O’My life, where’s thy lust! Fast at times as if a rabbit, slow too other times as if a turtle, Ready to cross even the ocean, defeated at times by slightest hurdle, Zeal of roses blooming in the spring, grief of thorns too in the autumn, Joyous feeling of being on the top, feeling blue too as if the bottom, Life appears as if the dew, kissing the flowers, pretty and... »

The Dark Night

She was walking alone on the street, having shoes in foot with cleat. It was the darkest day of her life, like someone stabbed her with knife. Moon was shining, darkness was thriving. In the midst of glimmering whiteness, she was there with forthrightness. Her steps shortened suddenly, frightened by the some steps coming cunningly. Those were the steps of some dolt, they pushed her with a jolt. Sh... »

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