English Poetry


Whenever I think about the Love Then many questions around in my mind What is the real value of love for human And what is the real meaning of love…….!! -Dev Kumar »

Love v/s Life……

Some people say that love is their life Some people say that life is their love Difference between above two is that Former think that love is precious Later think that life is precious….!! -Dev Kumar »

Love’s dealing…..

Love is not the question of human’s life It is the matter of love’s feeling We take happiness and sadness both by it Since it keeps on happening in love’s dealing…….!! -Dev Kumar »

Don’t show your…….

Don’t show your tears to everyone Don’t show your feelings to everyone They will make fun with your life Don’t show your emotions to everyone……!! -Dev Kumar »

Heart’s Role…….

My life is nothing except a big whole It has neither any aim nor any goel Nobody is responsible for this condition It is totally happened by my heart’s role….. -Dev Kumar »

Part of my life……

Don’t take my sadness from my life It is the only way to live my life Now I can’t live without it Since it becomes the essential part of my life….. -Dev Kumar »

I have found…….

I have found deceiveness in my life I have found aloneness in my life I couldn’t find happiness movement I have found only sadness in my life…… -Dev Kumar »

Past life……

Whenever I think about my past life Lots of questions around in my mind I am not able to find Solution about it Perhaps my life is like a blizzard wind…… -Dev Kumar »

who’ll make my day……

who’ll make my day who’ll huge me Now you was there in my life it was similar to heaven for Me….! who’ll make smile on my face who’ll give me a hope you was there in my life it was similar to heaven for Me….! -Dev Kumar »

I will hurt you…..

I will hurt you, this sentence hurt me a lot……!! -Dev Kumar »

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