English Poetry

You know that I stare at you often

You know that I stare at you oftenLook at your lively smile with frozen eyesI sit behind you just few aisles awayDream about our friendship in fairy skies When I see you my sensations become silentHeart hosts an incessant whine in silenceCrazy feelings move over my mindTakes me in dreamy domain, your slight glance Your innocent beauty, your happy faceArouse flowers in my deserted homeAmidst the gl... »


The MNCs of today Have made way Into the Indian household That everyone be told Women working At nights and still liking Forgetting her house Her unkept home She’s out lose Lost on the streets Bent and lost in some ass work That requires her to sit from morn till night While she should be in her house Running her own house Caring for her family Please welcome the MNCs of today Who have this ... »


Exceptions is not the rule, they say Exceptions have built the medical system today Exceptions laid the foundation of the progress of science and technology Especially in Medical equipments. Exceptions is the new norm Exceptions is the new standard So remember Exceptions can always be given Exceptions are allowed There is always room for exceptions The world has always had to make way for exceptio... »


Belief in God Belief in Values Belief in Duties Belief in Principles Herein lies true belief That our ancestors stood for   Todays youth Literate though More or little Nevermind that Uneducated still Listless wanderers Lost in useless thoughts And idle gossip Live like vagabonds Proud of some silly Westernized concepts Handed down by a tribe That was orignally pirates in the vast sea   T... »

A poem, I want to write ….!

 A poem, I want to write ….!   I have been longing… To write a poem… A poem, I am unable to write…..!    I have tried it with all my intellect & might  But for this art, neither intellect nor might seems right.   Poetry, it is said, is a spontaneous overflow, Of powerful emotions; Of the dormant wonderful hidden inhibitions, That lies buried in our hearts…… And come alive at moments, we never ... »

Wait for it

by Lady of Fire »

The Proposal

It’s been long,it’s been past I had this thing within my heart You r the one,You r the one That’s makes me feel complete Life is hard,It always was Feeling lonely,all things apart Hold me tight,hold so tight So that I can fight back You think It won’t work, You think it is pain But we share the same heart Let’s make it happen once again It’s been long,it’s been past I had this thing within my hear... »


I see the moonlight and I see u, I see no one as pretty as u, Your tender touch oh! baby I miss u so much   Your smile is so divine, I just wanna make u mine just hold me baby,just hold me tonight,   I see the moonlight and I see u, I see no one as pretty as u, Your tender touch ohh baby I miss u so much »

The Best

The best efforts are never enough The best things are yet to happen The best results are yet to come The best feelings are rarely expressed The best thoughts go unnoticed The best actions are worth a play again The best words are worth a repeat. The best happiness is always being searched. The best often finds abuse, comtempt, spit and spite. Yet do the best Best of luck All the best   »


We dream whole night, we dream all day long, In the dream we dance or we sing a merry song. In the dream we play, in the dream We fight, Everything messes up, then everything becomes alright. In the dream, we’re almighty, we’ve got no fear, But the curtain of reality is always sheer. We have plenty of dreams, but we accomplish very few, because we are was always afraid, Lest the dreams... »

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