English Poetry


A small hole can Sink a lofty boat in water, But a smart idea can float u on water…. Rahi »


Diamond can only reflect on a face of women but can’t change anything but Time has the power to convert an unknown stone into a precious diamond.. Raahi »

Perfect proposal

Lost in the perfect scent She was sitting a little bent He held her hands Her heart begun to dance They stared each other for a while She took him to walk for a mile And then besides the beach Where noone could reach She bent and proposed him With a beautiful wedding ring….. »

अच्छे दिन…!

अच्छे दिन…! अच्छे लोग तो खुश हो ही रहे हैं अच्छे दिनों से ..!. आशा बहुत अच्छा जो हो रहा है और भी होगा…! बुरे लोगों के बुरे दिन आये हैं बरबादी के …! ना सुधरेंगे फंसे हुए जो हैं ये घूस लेकर …! सजा मिलेगी लूटा देश जिन्होंने उन्हें जरूर ..! देश भक्ति के दिन अब आये हैं खुशहाली के ..! ” विश्वनंद” An attempt at Haiku in Hindi (5,7,5). »


Single breath Mingled heart A piece of bread An empty cart A coin or two Way to the mart Are the only things I need A road to walk Paired shoe and frock A soothing song Someone to talk Skillful mind Alone in a flock Do I really Greed? Mom and Dad A sibling mad A day at the shore With him ‘am glad Enjoying life With no one sad Is a life I want to lead But backing though With shine and show A ... »

“You are my life, You complete me”….

Don’t go……Don’t go……Don’t go Please stop yourself without you i am not complete i will destroy myself there is no meaning of life if you are not with me it is humble request don’t let me alone in the world only you are……just you are my first & last wish of my life i will never hurt you and never tired you too i will always take care o... »

Reason of failure…….

“Sometimes the reason of failure is not a attention, infact it might be consideration too””……! -Dev Kumar »


“Love is nothing, just a emotion or feelings of Heart……! -Dev Kumar »


“Age is nothing just a game of number”…….! -Dev Kumar »

Fact of love……

Some people say to me after seeing my condition that You are poor and due to it you are not able to do love How can I teach them they don’t know one thing That love is the fact of heart not the fact of human’s condition……!! -Dev Kumar »

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