English Poetry


A Human Can’t fulfill his all Dreams. In his Life, He always have some Dreams. He work hard for fulfill these wishes. And he has succeed to fulfill his dreams But In Every Success, His wishes have also increased. If, a human will become Rich person of the world. Yet, his wishes will not finish. This is the truthiness of human life. »

The Rainbow

The Rainbow

Raining all the day ’n I am waiting for You! Admiration for me ‘n I am looking for You! Inspiration… Yes I want ’n I am searching for You! Nostalgic feelings ’n I want to be with You! Being you I am kidding, You are everything ’n I am nothing! Oh yeah baby just think of me ’n I am there for You! Weird person yeah that’s why I am You!!! —Now Check the First Letter of Every Line ‘n You see what we e... »

कोई शिकवा नहीं है

कभी रुलाया है, तो कभी हंसाया भी है, जिन्दगी तुझसे कोई शिकवा नहीं है, कभी खोया है, तो कभी पाया भी है »


Fear is a rather weird state of mind It may inch you to work harder Or make you inactive to perish I fear people judging me Lest I do something idiotic I’ve been told all my life “Do not worry of what might people say , the best people do is criticize ” Now I wonder why shouldn’t they I am a failure till date Pretending to do something useful In the time I have wasted away Envisioning myself to gr... »

Living Together

All humans are part of one god. But still they fight among themselves. In the name of religion, Ever at the name of caste, At the name of the country. Why cannot we all live together? If we all live together then maybe there would be no country boundaries The country will not have to spend so much money for making weapons Then terrorism will end from the world. We all should learn to live together... »


God makes us cry So that we can realize The value of smile.., »

Love the way you Did

Love the way you Did

At first, I thought we could just be friends!! Never knew it would blend! To a love! It’s alright, I love the way it did. I can’t tell you what it really like. Just gonna stand and watch my heart been burned But I can tell you what it really feels like! It’s alright I love the way it feels Right now my heart is stuck with knife. I can’t breathe, but I still fight for you. As of love drunk me high!... »



Emotions   Emotions are only emotions And emotions are everything   Emotions are universal But emotions are unique also   Emotions can’t be denied But all emotions are not good   Emotions exists everywhere But real emotions are rare   Emotions make you fool But also make you cool     Some emotions give you best taste But some make your life “a waste’’   Some emotions help life to embrace But somet... »

“Last Pain of Life”

This is the last pain of my life I given up eveything of my life My Passion, My Emotions My Happy, My Innocence This is the last pain of my life I given up eveything of my life My Family, My House My Relations, My Wishes This is the last pain of my life I given up eveything of my life My Smile, My Personality My Ego, My Aim This is the last pain of my life I given up eveything of my life My Friend... »


Intention is very important for our life It helps us in very condition as like wife Sometime it could be very dangerous for us That is why, it turned itself in form of knife With the help of it, we get passion In later phase, it borne emotion Intention plays a good role too It set our life's goel too By intention we achieve eveything Without it we can't achieve anything It is a very great thing It... »

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