English Poetry


                 Love I find myself, in love, waste I thought, love is, totally waste But someone told me, it is nice By which, every human become wise It includes sorrow, reliance & emotion That is why it is found in every relation It makes our life as like a heaven It is very innocent, not a clever Once again when I thought on it Then I found truthiness in it That was not my fault, I said De... »


Friendship is a beautiful Relation By which we can remove our all tension Friendship is a very good thing for our life We should not compare it with our Wife Friendship is the symbol of true Relation We should follow the rules of this Relation Friendship is not like to a War It means “Dosti” and we call Friends “Dost” or “Yar” Friendship includes sorrow & em... »


  Love…..Love…..Love….. Strange, Astonished & Powerful Love…..Love…..Love….. Beautiful, Attractive & charming Love…..Love…..Love….. Good, Fair & Excellent Love…..Love…..Love….. Change, Value & Nature Love…..Love…..Love….. Precious, Useful & Valuable Love…..Love…..Love….. Life Changer, Maker & Destroyer Love…..Love…..Love….. Parents, Friends & Wife Love…..Love…..Lov... »

Three Thousand Miles

Dawn awakens me to this empty heart. Dusk loneliness to never part. One soul together, always in my car, Two times the pain now, as you depart. Three thousand miles of tar! You’re very distant now….Too far. January first you left me, Second Valentine’s I was alone, Your march away came forth third day, On that dreadful moon, month two dismayed. May you travel well! said April ... »

Love’s Fact……..

Love’s Fact……..

Some People Say to me that i am not able to express my feeling of love because i am poor   How could i teach them all   that Love is not the fact of Human’s condition, Infact it is the Fact of Human’s Heart…………..!! Dev Kumar »

The Ghost of Mary Jane

Tick tock goes the clicking clock, as time goes by I hear a knock. I get up and answer the door, to find a women her dress was tore. She had a joint hanging from her lips, I said come in she was still taking hits. She offered me a hit of her weed, I said sure as she followed my lead. I looked back at the women in the door, but she wasn’t standing there anymore. Am I dreaming? Did I fall asle... »

Those days are gone….

Those days are gone….

The days are gone, When we used to play in a small veranda which looked like a large playground. The days are gone, When we used to share our lunch-box in each and every corner of the classroom, the happiness of which was more than anything. The days are gone, When the bicycle ride felt like a flight. The days are gone, when a single penny would make us more happy than the big notes. The days are ... »


He sits alone and watches the dark cold sky Wishing on stars that are shooting and whistling by A heart that has become stronger to hold heavy in weight , a mirror in place a wonderer,alone. Starring at reflections that sit in the past Screaming words that cut like a lash Afraid to say whats boiling inside a driven The future is seen in the dreams of signs Stepping in between lonely and hopeless s... »


Whenever i think about my love Lot of questions surrounding in my mind That it would be good for me Or it would be bad for me I hear about it many times Some people said, it is good for life Some said that, it is bad for life Still i couldn’t understand it I know it is not easy for anyone Because it is like a worship for everyone It is built by reliance, trust and mutual understanding Its lo... »

Tasked, Taxed

Crunching through the trees, Holding, waiting. Holding his breath. Even rows of gnarled wood stretch like crooked teeth in the distance And, finally, with great pleasure, he dies. The estate sale was a fucking gong show. »

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