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हथेली पर सपनों की घड़ियाँ साकार नहीं। नदी के पार रेत के बडे़ टीले हवा नाचती। अशोक बाबू माहौर »


हथेली पर सपनों की घड़ियाँ साकार नहीं। नदी के पार रेत के बडे़ टीले हवा नाचती। »



Loving you endlessly broke my heart ruthlessly Little was I aware you were someone to beware Once my heart danced in joy now my heart bleeds in pain You were the centre of my universe and I was a speck in your universe Tell me O’ beloved Why inflicting pain on me when I was conflicting for you »


No matter what you do , not even how you do . Life always has a clue , to let your sky blue. All matters are the days ,when soul and mind says . To burn the life thine, and let the world shine . Day night you may frown ,life always has a crown. Questing for you king ,and let your lark sing Get up! dear friend ,and let this gloom end . You have a dawn ahead, before you go to bed. »

To get the altitude

To get the altitude, Its vital to leave the attitude, To get rid off Solitude, Its vital to be with multitude, To get the gratitude, Its vital to have fortitude, To get the amplitude Its vital to have rectitude. »

Looking back in times

Looking back in times, When you and me were lonely in the moonlight, Time has passed by, I wait for those times tonight Looking back in times When I was driving you town You flipped your hair and looked down I was just spellbound oh baby missing u tonight. Looking back in times, there were so many memories deep down my heart, Ohh baby missing u tonight. »

एक शहर मे तीन मित्र

एक शहर मे तीन मित्र रहते थे,तीनो मे बहुत गहरा मित्रता थी, एक का नाम गौरव जो शांत-सोभाव के थे उनको गीत गाना गुनगुना कविता लिखने का इश्क चहरा हुआ था,, दुसरा मित्र सौऱभ जो पेशा से शिक्षक थे इन्हे दुनिया दारी से कोई मतलब नही रहती,, तीसरा मित्र प्रसांत ,, जो थोड़ा हटके थे इन्हे नशा के साथ लड़की के पीछे भागना दौड़ना इन्हे लगा रहता,, दोनो मित्र यानि गौरव और सौरभ लाख समझाये भला कोई इस उम्र मे समझता है,, व... »


A small hole can Sink a lofty boat in water, But a smart idea can float u on water…. Rahi »


Diamond can only reflect on a face of women but can’t change anything but Time has the power to convert an unknown stone into a precious diamond.. Raahi »

Perfect proposal

Lost in the perfect scent She was sitting a little bent He held her hands Her heart begun to dance They stared each other for a while She took him to walk for a mile And then besides the beach Where noone could reach She bent and proposed him With a beautiful wedding ring….. »

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