English Poetry


with every step i take u held me back I blamed you but that stopped me from failure with every words I said against u u remained silent with every step I take when I was young u hold me tight that stopped me from falling down all your gestures were for my well being u r the only one except god and mom I doubted i misbehaved but please never leave me. may god bless you with all the kindnes make you... »

heavy heart

Each day waking up with a heavy heart Feeling something low with a hollow heart Don’t know how to deal the day Just says will be ok, it’s new day Not a good expresser as u kno When u ask me I say I m ok crosses path alone, where you were once You became part of me all at once Now no strength, can’t see u So don’t break down infront of u I know somewhere u are for me That... »

Life Cycle

… I rouse from the lap of ocean.. rose up down now and than… ~~~ flew on on the wings of clouds.. walk play and commit many fouls… ~~~ collide with the mighty mountains.. feeling cavalier without any pain… ~~~ a sudden my tears rushing down on cheeks… flowing on peek valley n creeks…. ~~~ unconscious unaware and shy.. unable to rise unable to fly…. ~~~ rus... »

By HIM, for Us.. (for him)

Lain with weight of lace delicate Upon the face of the deep Soft faceless wonder (vieling) what was and is Not for us Some vasts The Maker holds still All his own Close.. Even closer our vantage point within The sweeping folds Endlessly changing As we are Yet remains.. a mark of depth far beyond understanding Of the God of creation; Before creation itself. What yearning moved him so deeply? Why su... »

Clean india

To make patriotic india clean, not only to fight on the Border, this is the power of the common citizen. »


I wish to say some thing i wish to say many thing Something interesting something boring To whom i reveal to whom i believe till what time i keep mum how much i bear within So much ambiguity immense pain i find the only way keeping me restrained Still i write, so many constrain writing something, phrases in vain unable to describe why to be but the only way Consoling to me ******** deovrat –... »

Untamed Desire

Often I wonder why.. Try to look beyond the sky… Far far too far…… Till ocean meets to the sky.. Although my vision.. gets faded… My desire to see.. beyond the horizon added… More and more I try…. I wonder why… ******* deovrat – 12.02.2014 »


उडता पंछी नील गगन फैला विशाल हाथ। »

I Lost Everything—I Have Found Myself.

1. Before I met you.. I Don”t Understand “LOve Quotes” After I Met You I Strted Making It….. 2. Gmail…Instagram…facebook..Whatsapp… She Occupied place in every account of him… But She lost his ultimate goal of occupying a place in his heart… 3. The Worst Part wasn”t loosing You… It was loosing myself in process of getting You.. 4. W... »

Life is a Bliss and can’t be missed!

Life is a Bliss and can’t be missed!

Life seemed so well, When I was naked. Then I was clothed with knowledge, It turned out to a puzzle. Easy at times, tougher the other times But every puzzle has its say. I was given all reasons to stumble, Yet I yearned to live more each time, I earned life giving it a chance. I learned, life is a thread of events knit together, life is a smile that stretches with wrinkles along, like the song whi... »

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