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I try so hard to put you back together, but all hope is lost when you crumble. When I see your eyes I still believe there is another way. I called for you, in my heart, I screamed and I shouted. I did everything to get you to notice me. Now it seems like your engnoring me. Your there then, you suddenly disappear into the cold air I breathe. A sudden chill. A sudden chill as I walk bearfoot on snow... »


I tell myself every day that I can continue. Only if you could show me how. When I see you, when I see your face I feel like, I feel like I’m home. And it’s true. The world is cruel and broken because the world changes. But its all ok because it’s not changing in a bad way it’s just changing so you can go forward. Keep moving forward Don’t give up Charlie 😉 »

Wait for me

Why is it that whenever I see your face, I see a boy. A boy who trys time and time again. Fails but never gives up. If I had the courage to talk to you. To tell you how much I loved you and to say that I will try to stitch my broken heart together. If only you could tell me how. Remember when in 5th grade you saw me cry for the first time and it broke your heart as easy as glass. You threw it all ... »